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~~~ Do you feel intimidated with psychic development and are there “nudges” happening to you but you’re not sure why?


~~~ Have you just begun to discover your intuitive abilities but don’t consider yourself a medium or true psychic?


~~~ Is there nobody you can talk to or trust with your experiences?


~~~ Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions? I am here to HELP !  I will be that guidance you need and answer any questions on your mind.



     I can offer guidance on:


~~~ following your intuition thru signs you receive by seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing


~~~ explaining what ADC’s are (after death communication) and how they work with you to offer loving support without fear.


~~~ how CELEBRITIES can and possibly will contact you in spirit— BELIEVE me firsthand on this one! I will help you decide why someone famous in spirit could be a temporary guide of yours. Doesn’t that sound COOL?


~~~ what exactly is a SPIRIT VISIT DREAM and explain their significance to the connection or message they have for YOU! *** I have had MANY my entire adult life so you came to the right place!


~~~ All those “CLAIRS” you might be wondering about~~~ clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance and what traits you have that allows them to open up.


~~~ What it means to be an EMPATH or H.S.P. (highly sensitive person) and how it can benefit you instead of being negative. This is another BIG one for me since we are not “too sensitive!”


~~~ MEDITATION tips and why you NEED to practice this everyday!


*** Plus, anything else that comes up that you need or might want to discuss. Your opportunity is HERE to talk with me about your spiritual journey! Remember to LAUGH, notice the LITTLE things, and expect the UNEXPECTED!


*** Your journey is yours alone to take and I can be there for you. I will be that guidance as a REAL person who isn’t just the internet giving you information. I know PERSONALLY what it felt like to not have anyone really supporting me except my “online friends” so take this journey with me and we can “vent” together! The internet is great but sometimes don’t you just feel like it is difficult to trust some people? It’s all awesome info and everything sounds like what you need but something is missing…… Wait, I KNOW what it is! It’s that PERSONAL touch a person can provide on the other end….. Your confidence will SOAR once you embrace your gifts and use them to your advantage.


*** PLEASE be advised I am not a professional medium nor do I dispense medical advice.



SCHEDULE a one-on-one call with me today and we can get started!


~~~ Leave your name, email, and a date/time that works best for you on the comment page and I will contact you. All times will be EST.



                                                                                  $ 100~~~ 60 minutes


                                                                                  $ 50~~~ 30 minutes


Also, sign-up to receive my blog every week where I discuss many spiritual topics that might be on your mind! You can also get your copy of SPIRIT AND BELIEF on my website, Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and others.    *** If you don’t have that significant other, trusted BFF, or simply are tired of just reading on the internet, set up a time where we can chat today! I can help you sort out that spiritual “stuff” on your mind!



                                                                       Always follow your intuition~~~ Kathy